Jen Kraft Physical Therapist
Janelle is truly a gifted healer and I highly recommend her! Her work with my son, who was one- year old at the time, was remarkable. My son had a stroke at birth that caused him to have limited movement of his left side, poor head control, low tone, and delayed motor skills. He made phenomenal gains during each visit with Janelle. Our son’s movement quality was much improved, his head control significantly improved, and he gained new movement patterns following each session with Janelle. The results he gained with Janelle were far greater than any gains he made with other practitioners (PT,OT, chiropractor, osteopath). He is now a typical 4 ½ year old kiddo who is running, jumping, climbing, sliding and more.
Mark A. Tomski M.D.

I have worked with Janelle personally both in ATM classes and FI sessions, and; I have found her to be a sensitive and knowledgeable practitioner. Janelle’s kindness and expertise in the Feldenkrais method is palpable in your first meeting with her. She addresses ones concerns with the utmost humility and compassion, the results that I have achieved through her work have led to an increase in my well-being and comfort. So it is with uncommon enthusiasm that I recommend Janelle services to anyone seeking better movement patterns and an overall sense of ease.

Julie Kuhn

Janelle has been such a blessing to our family and I highly recommend her!  Our son suffered a traumatic birth event and has a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy.  After being in traditional OT/PT since 2 months old, we were not seeing the improvements we had hoped.  We were introduced to Janelle when our son was one-year old and immediately began seeing improvements in speech, movement and both gross and fine motor skills.   Janelle has taught our son movement patterns which have helped him gain head and trunk control, as well as better hand control.  Janelle has such a calming way of working with our son that he enjoys his sessions and is so proud of his accomplishments.  We are incredibly thankful for Janelle and we have great hope that our son will meet all of his developmental milestones because of her.


Sarah Koenig
My daughter’s feet were curved inward her first year and Janelle showed me some exercises to do with her to coax them toward extending out more. She’s now running around like crazy. Janelle deeply enjoys children and exhibits remarkable gentleness with them.
Karen Watts
Janelle observed and worked with our toddler daughter and infant son, who were learning to walk and roll over, respectively. She showed us how to encourage the correct motor skills by gently rubbing or tapping a limb to subtly call the child’s attention to that limb so that they could learn to coordinate these new movements.
Brenda Howald Teacher

To say I always feel I’m in good hands when I have a session with her doesn’t quite cover it: I am in good hands, good mind, and good heart.

Alla Makorov

Beyond being a natural teacher, it is Janelle’s kindness, tolerance and especially gentleness that reaches out to her students, breaking down built-up trust defenses. She guides students to awakening awareness and creates that rare safe environment where physical self-awareness can be observed lovingly without criticism. I feel physically and emotionally better, more aware of pleasure and am kinder to myself.

Carol R Bettndorf, PT, MS, PCS Birth to Three & Beyond, Pediatric Therapies LLC, Chicago

In my 35-year career as a physical therapist, I have studied many treatment techniques in an effort to better help the children I work with. In my opinion, the best overall technique for working with babies is Child’Space. In addition to addressing the relationship between parent and infant, Child’Space addresses all areas of development: gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, vision, speech and language.  Child’Space is very effective.

Fred Ettner, M.D Teacher of Family Medicine at Northwestern Medical University

Observing Chava work with a mother and baby, I was struck that in a short time she changed so much in that mother, her child and in her confidence to bond with her child. I believe that parents, caregivers and therapists can learn from this kind of experience how important it is to help children be aware of the their bodies. Focusing on process at each stage of development is the best way parents can help children toward important milestones, such as crawling in infancy and standing on one leg for 15 seconds in early childhood.