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Baby & Parent class

In this interactive class, Janelle Campoverde shares techniques of touch: supporting your baby’s development and stimulating growth activity in his or her brain. Babies learn primarily through movement. A parent’s touch can help babies become more comfortable in many positions including tummy-time and parent/baby interaction can influence how and when a baby discovers new movements, such as rolling, balanced sitting, crawling, reaching and coordinated walking. We will move and sing together, soothing and enlivening our babies through bonding, while understanding the unfolding of your baby’s development.

15678163_xlParents learn to support their baby’s movement, encouraging balanced and coordinated sitting, crawling, and walking. Through developmentally appropriate games, songs, and parent’s hands-on techniques, babies approach and refine their reaching, crawling, cruising, climbing steps, squatting, and balance in standing. These movements are the building blocks for becoming a proficient walker.

Please contact Janelle in advance.  Text or call at 206-354-9433


Private sessions with baby and parent


Child’Space Tummy Time Workshop

Does your baby fuss while on their tummy?  In this gentle workshop you will gain techniques to support your baby, through touch and movement, so they begin to love tummy time.  Understand why tummy time is important for your baby’s development.  Your baby will begin to choose to lie on their front spontaneously and will explore while on their belly, as you discover the intricacies of the unfolding developmental process.

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