Support Your Baby’s Development Through Touch: baby’s first language

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Touch and play allows your baby to fully realize their motor, social and emotional potential. With interaction that deepens your bond, you can help your child to embody a wider repertoire of movement, fostering pleasurable movement while constructing a positive self image and expanding awareness. As a result of many years of working with developmental movement and guiding people to regain their lost abilities and cultivate new ones, I’m introducing Child’Space to our Seattle community. Babies are learning at a fast rate and parents and caregivers can learn how to give support during this critical time of development. I’m offering classes and private sessions to empower parents during this window of opportunity. Take a look at these short videos and learn more.

Why is Tummy Time important?

Babies explore raising their heads while on their tummies very early in life. It’s not uncommon for babies to fuss while lying on their front. You can learn ways to help your baby enjoy tummy time. Babies push the floor and feel their own ability to mobilize their head and look around. They sense and experience the world from this perspective. They feel the whole front of themselves, receiving proprioceptive contact with the floor. Being on the belly brings about rolling from front to back and back to front that leads to crawling, sitting, standing, squatting and walking. Plenty of floor time leads to smooth transitions as baby masters her/his ability to explore and learn.

Fall Child’Space Classes in Fremont/Wallingford

Classes begin on January 14th, Tuesdays, for parent/caregiver and baby
Shift Studio, 3517 Stone Way N 98103
9:30 – 10:30 am

Private Sessions

Make an appointment with Janelle to observe together your baby’s movement. Janelle will explore with your baby: supporting what they’ve already learned and also stimulating missing ingredients for their personal development. She will pass on techniques that help you speak your baby’s kinesthetic language, and deepen your connection while influencing the breadth of possibilities we wish for our children at the beginning of their life.