Techniques To Help Your Baby Enjoy Tummy Time

Posted by on Jun 30, 2014 in Baby Stories |

Discovering what is needed for each baby’s development:    

Julia related to me that her baby has been spending a only little time on her front.  She reported that Stella fussed while on her front.  I asked Julia to place her baby on her front.  I tapped Stella’s back while she was on her belly and she relaxed into it.  I showed Julia techniques for tapping her baby and she tried it.  Julia was surprised that Stella stayed on her front because she had never enjoyed lying on her tummy before.  This was her first time.  Stella rested for quite awhile and slept a bit.  Her mother sang her a song.  Julia appreciated this sweet, quiet time together.  She began to bump her head on the floor.  Although Julia said that she is not lifting her head yet, this bumping is preparation for lifting her head.  After some time, I gently rolled her through her side to her back, talking gently to her while she came to look at my face again.

On her back, I felt congestion in right shoulder region.  I supported the shoulder blade, bringing it toward the spine and the congestion released.  I felt the shape of the shoulder blade, allowing Stella to join me in feeling her own structure.  She began to bring her tongue out, although not fully.  I moved my tongue around my lips and she watched intently, moving her own tongue.  She imitated my movements.  Coordination of the tongue is central to the development of speech and eating.

I rolled Stella onto side then again onto her front.  Julia tapped her back, speaking gently as Stella listened.  In this way, her mother can help support Stella’s enjoyment while on her belly.  I shared with Julia the art of squeezing her baby’s arms, hands, legs, feet.  I slid my hand down Stella’s spine, helping her to feel her own shape.  I gently pressed her so the she could feel her front pressing into the floor underneath. She is learning how to press various body parts into the floor in order to mobilize other parts, such as arms for reaching, her head for looking, legs for rolling, etc.

We slowly rolled her through the other side onto her back, staying on her side for some time.  We slowly rolled her, again, to her tummy.  She spontaneously lifted her head.

Julie said that she would play with Stella on the bed, but she did not spend much time on the floor.  I encouraged her to give her baby plenty of floor time to learn and explore.  She now has support techniques including tapping, squeezing and gently pressing – to help bring comfort to Stella while lying on her front, side and belly.   As Stella comes to spontaneously choose all of these positions, the beauty and intelligence of the development process will freely unfold with her natural motivation to discover her world.